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Hospitality / Case Goods
More companies today are seeking intelligent luxury in custom furniture products. They care about quality, consistency, value, and sustainability, MION Construction Company has teamed with a World Wide Distributor to continue the time-honored tradition of exceptional quality and service on a global scale. 

Hospitality Case Goods 

We can provide custom furniture, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, vanities and stone surfaces that are durable, long-lasting and suit any specific requirements for the best look possible. Our Team has years of experience creating custom furniture for hotels and resorts across the world. Our team of specialists are prepared to handle the job from start to finish.


Our factory designers have created an impressive repertoire of interior furnishings in many different materials including wood, stone, granite, tile, quartz stone and more for a variety of products and furnishings for the hospitality industry.


We provide high-quality solutions in wood furniture, stone surfaces, cabinetry, vanities and upholstery for the hospitality and timeshare industry.


The materials we use for our furniture allow for products to be reliable, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

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